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Press Conference: Brexit - Let's Get Things Started
European Parliament, Strasbourg, 06 July 2016
UKIP Press Release

Speaking today (05.07.2016) in the European Parliament on the conclusions of the European Council meeting UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP said that the British people have spoken and now both the UK and the EU should work together to get the best deal possible.

Paul Nuttall MEP commented: “The British people have spoken and threats and bullying are not the answer to the questions the UK leaving the European Union has thrown up.

The UK and Europe are joined by geography, culture, history and trade and that will not change. Therefore it is imperative on so many levels that we are good, healthy trading neighbours.

We owe it to the citizens of both the UK and Europe to conduct these negotiations in a grown up manner so we can get the best deal for everyone.”

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage addresses the European Parliament in Brussels, 28 June 2016, during the debate on the "Outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom" (Council and Commission statements)

Nigel Farage's final rallying call: 'It's us versus the Establishment - go and vote for Britain' - Westminster conference centre, 22.06.2016 (includes Media Conference)

UKIPLeader Nigel Farage in Gateshead, 20 June 2016
We cannot afford to risk staying in a political organisation that is ready to admit Turkey and planning deeper integration, says the leader of Ukip (Express)

By Nigel Farage MEP

We are just hours away from the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to get our country out of the European Union and in doing so get our borders back, our democracy back and for us to embark upon an exciting future as an independent nation.

That’s what happens if we leave the European Union. We will exit a failed political union, one which is now a disaster zone. We see a migrant crisis utterly out of control. We see a eurozone crisis causing human misery on a shocking scale.

And we see an outdated organisation that has no answers when it comes to many of the problems in the modern world. I’ve heard a lot through the course of this campaign from the wealthy establishment about GDP. About maintaining the status quo.

Well that might be all right for them with cheaper nannies and chauffeurs but it isn’t what’s in the best interests of ordinary British workers. Open-door migration has suppressed wages in the unskilled labour market, meant that living standards have fallen and that life has become a lot tougher for so many in our country.

Read entire article (Express)
Press Release

Responding to the recent Commission College meeting on the Turkish visa process, UKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe said:

"The Commissioner on Migration has confirmed that the European Commission will do everything in its power to quicken the pace of the Turkish visa program.

"Given that the Commission also stated in March that it was committed to 're-energise the accession process', it is clear that both visas and eventual accession are well on track for Turkey.

"The end point of this is EU passports for an additional 75 million people with a right to come to Britain. The best, indeed only way to stop this is to vote leave on June 23rd."

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Press Release

The European Parliament today (08.06.2016) approved tax measures which would lead to a harmonised corporate tax base (CCCTB) as well as the introduction of tax ID numbers for every European citizen.

UKIP’s Financial Affairs spokesmen Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

“This is a shameless attempt to create a centralised EU tax system. By forcing an EU taxpayer ID - effectively a new continental National Insurance number - on every European the EU is laying the foundations for a European tax and making no apologies for it.”

“Mr Cameron is peddling lies. This is no reformed EU; a European super-state is the end goal. It already has a Parliament, a currency and a flag; a centralised tax system is currently being implemented followed swiftly by a fully-fledged standing army. There is no such thing as voting for the status quo. Don’t take the risk. Vote Leave.”

Today (08.06.2016) in the European Parliament UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP stated that the June 23rd referendum is the biggest event in the EU's history and a Brexit vote would bring an end to the entire European project.

He said: "We have in two weeks’ time what is to be the biggest event in the history of this project. It is the British referendum and it’s not just about whether Britain leaves the European Union because if we make that choice I’m confident many other countries will make that choice too."

"I hope this is the last time I’ll be speaking in this parliament from a Member State and I hope that we are going to leave this union on June 23rd. So I’m going out now, I may be some time."
Press Release

UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn has accused the BBC Six O’Clock News of broadcasting an “extraordinarily biased” item about what would happen to food prices outside the EU and demanded the programme acknowledges its error.

Mr O’Flynn spoke out after discovering that a supposed impartial “expert” featured in the item is actually an EU-funded Jean Monnet professor – a fact kept from viewers.

“This was not just bad broadcasting, it was biased broadcasting. The whole item was fundamentally unbalanced. For a start the reporter, Emma Simpson, failed to explain the basic fact that the nature of the EU as a customs union means that food prices within it are higher than prevailing world prices.

“Even worse, Professor Catherine Barnard was then presented as an impartial expert from Cambridge University when in fact she is a Jean Monnet Chair of EU law and as such has a strong vested interest in a remain vote.

“She went through negative or neutral scenarios for consumers before Ms Simpson briefly raised the prospect with her of being able to cut tariffs on non-EU food imports. But they immediately agreed that to do this would be “tricky”.
The EU has so much power over the UK that we can't even decide how much to tax women's sanitary items.

Press Release

The European Parliament today voted against calls for a reduced rate of VAT on tampons during the vote on the FEMM report,"Poverty: a gender perspective".

This came in a separate vote on Paragraph 39 (scroll down) which was rejected by a show of hands.

UKIP MEP Louise Bours said after the vote in Brussels:

"The Commission promised urgent action to allow reductions on VAT for things like tampons, but yet they have not included it in the latest VAT reform proposals and have kicked it in to the long grass by saying they will come up with something later this year.

"And now the EU parliament has voted against calls for reduced VAT on tampons, which shows this is very unlikely to happen anytime soon.
Responding to the European Commission's postponement of the EU budget proposal until the 27th June, just after the Brexit referendum, UKIP member of the European Parliament's Budget Control Committee, Jonathan Arnott said:

"EU membership costs the UK a huge bag of cash each day, but the European Commission wants to keep the British public in the dark about exactly how much this will increase.

"The Commission is dishonestly withholding vital information from British taxpayers who deserve a fully-informed discussion about how much the EU is costing us.

"We currently know the EU is also holding back a wall of legislation until after the Brexit vote, but this latest move should alarm everyone who wants to make a democratic decision based on the factual cost of EU membership."
Press Release

Responding to the European Commission move towards giving 75 million Turkish citizens visa-free travel to Europe, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

“This is a huge error of judgement by the European Commission.

“Turkey moves a step closer to EU membership and the British electorate move a large step closer to Brexit.

“The chaos from the beaches of Greece has evidently moved to the corridors of Brussels. The EU has rolled over to the blackmail from President Erdogan.

“Turkey is a country with a terrible human rights record, accused of helping ISIS and mistreating minorities.

“It is too big, too poor and too different from us and I certainly do not want the UK to be in a political union with Turkey.

“Evidently Turkish accession to the EU is drawing closer, and the only way for Britain to avoid the consequences of Turkish accession is to vote to leave the EU."

UKIP defence spokesman blasts EU’s "ultimate plan" to bring “patchwork” of national European armies under combined EU command

Press Release

UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has blasted EU plans revealed in the Financial Times to push ahead with the “ultimate plan” for an EU army saying, “to lose control of our army to the EU would be the end of sovereignty in the UK.”

Mr Hookem spoke out after the Financial Times published leaked documents that spelled out how the EU commission planned “further integration” of Europe’s armed forces to bring the “patchwork of army’s in Europe” under one command, which has been drawn up at Germany’s insistence.

Speaking from Brussels, MEP Mike Hookem said:

“When you look at the command structures, logistics and forces already under EU command, it comes as no shock the EU commission has bowed to German demands for a combined EU army.

“While we have had the EU High Command, and many other staff structures for many years, we have seen a determined push towards real assets coming directly under EU command since Jean-Claude Junker became president.

"Perhaps he could also explain why the BBC receives money from the EU but this is not recorded in their public accounts." - UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP

Press Release

Responding to Lord Patten, who said the BBC may be giving 'excessively deferential' treatment to the Brexit campaign, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP said:

“This is a bit rich, coming from a man on a fat European Commissioner pension and who wants to remain in the EU.

The most senior BBC News editors have previously admitted that the BBC has been biased for years in favour of the EU and against discussion of immigration.

Given that the BBC has just aired a four part laudatory documentary on President Obama, and the BBC’s former Brussels producer Lucy Thomas is currently deputy head of the Remain campaign, it is clear Lord Patten is heavy on rhetoric but very light on fact.
Press Release

Home Secretary Theresa May was today advocating the UK leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg.

Responding UKIP Justice and Home Affairs Spokeswoman Diane James MEP said :

“Theresa May is pulling out this tattered rag of an argument to comfort disgruntled Tories without checking the facts.

The facts are that by EU Treaty law we must be signatories of the European Convention of Human Rights and the UK is bound by its judgements. To say otherwise is misleading people or at best not to be aware of the legal truth.

The Home Secretary is now drowning in a sea of fact. Yesterday she acknowledged that it is more difficult to control immigration while we are members of the EU.

Today, she raises the issue of the ECHR, saying we must leave it, but fails to tell people we can only leave it if we first leave the European Union.

There is no escape from EU control of our human rights legislation, or from domination of our law by the ECHR, as long as we remain members of the EU.
Press Release

A VoteWatch Europe special report, Would Brexit matter? The UK’s Voting Record in the Council and European Parliament, out today, shows that the UK is the most outvoted Member State in the EU Council, while British MEPs are the least likely to be on the 'winning side' when it comes to votes in the European Parliament.
UKIP’s Trade spokesman and Deputy Chairman William Dartmouth MEP said:

“This report demonstrates that Britain in the EU really is like a square peg in a round hole. We are by a country mile the most outvoted state at the European Council and in the European Parliament.

In the EU, the British government has consistently failed to protect our national interests. We are better off outside the EU when we can take back more control of the laws which affect our businesses and lives. 

The UK has one Commissioner out of 28. That fact and the consistent losses at the European Council shows the UK has no meaningful influence in the EU.”

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage speaks during the debate on the "Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 17 and 18 March 2016 and outcome of the EU-Turkey summit", European Parliament, Strasbourg, 13 April 2016.
Press Release

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and the French Prime Minister met for a meeting in the European Parliament today to discuss security at the European Parliament today. In the meeting the French PM, Manuel Valls, confirmed that relations will remain close between the UK and France in intelligence and security in the event of a Leave vote in the upcoming EU.

Commenting on the meeting Nigel Farage said, "At a meeting this lunchtime with the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls he made clear and I quote "I believe in the European project". He called for the EU to have more "resources" by which he meant more power for the EU to deal with defence, security and the Eurozone.

"When I asked him about France's relationship with the UK in the event of Brexit, he replied that whilst he wanted the UK to stay in the EU he would respect the result and clearly said 'relations will remain close between the UK and France in intelligence and security in the event of the British people voting to Leave.'

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